It isn’t often you come across a used Rick Thum dulcimer, so this is a real find! Even better than new, because it’s been played many hours but doesn’t have a scratch or ding on it. Serial #402 made in June 2009, this 17/17 has specially-ordered walnut rails with a beautiful grain! New it would be over $2600, but you can snatch this one up for $1800. Case is included, and shipping in the continental US is FREE!!

Pull out your favorite tie-dye T-shirt, put some flowers in your hair and have some fun with this groovy soprano ukulele by Kala.  The Peace Symbol on the headstock adds to the festive look – all it needs is someone to love some tunes into it!  And just for kicks, we’ll include a matching tuner!  All for only $74.95.

The perfect starter instrument, also great as a 2nd dulcimer for traveling!  This is a used Meadowlark, 13/12, built by Rick Thum “back in the day”.  It was used in workshops and has a number written on the front rail in marker.  Comes with a padded case, a pair of hammers, and a tuning chart.  All for just $199!