Adjustable Stands

Our adjustable hammered dulcimer stands are superior in appearance, function, and quality to any others on the market today !  Made exclusively for us by a Mennonite furniture maker, you’ll find features that are like none other.  Note the lack of plastic-covered dowel rods to hold the dulcimer in place.  Instead, the top rail continues up and in front of the dulcimer, beautifully performing its function without compromising the form.  The bottom braces are scalloped, adding yet another aspect that makes this stand double as a lovely piece of furniture. The stands have a clear finish on them, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to be revealed.



Small strips of felt keep the wood from marring the bottom of your instrument.

Available woods from top to bottom: Cherry, Maple, or Walnut).




stand with stabilizer bar


Each stand requires more than 52 FEET of wood being run through a router!  And it’s all done using no electricity!  Our builder’s shop is entirely pneumatic. The adjustable stand is available in cherry, maple or walnut, and included with each is a stabilizing bar for added strength and stability, making it easy to reposition the stand with the dulcimer on it, and less vulnerable to energetic dogs and kids! The price for the cherry and maple stands is $249, cost for the walnut is $274.


Cherry Plugs





This closeup illustrates the care taken in the construction of these stands.  The bottom brace is attached to the legs with screws, which are covered with plugs so as not to be seen.  This kind of seamless detail is seen only in furniture of exceptional quality!




Technical Information

The adjustable stand adjusts from 23″ to 33″ in the front, and from 29″ to 45″ in the back. The arm, on which the dulcimer sits, is 23″ long. When closed, the stand is 2″ wide where the two arms come together, and 5 1/2″ wide in the center where there are knobs on both sides. of the legs. The weight is approximately 9 lbs. with the maple slightly heavier.